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Wildlife | Lindeth Fell Country House Hotel


We're probably not as tuned into our own wildlife as we'd like to be, but that tends to be due to us looking after our paying customers as a priority! In fact, we tend to hear about our garden wildlife from our customers who are out there relaxing and enjoying themselves.


With the garden incorporating shrubs, bushes and trees, the place is teaming with a huge variety of bird life. We get all the usual small mammals as you'd expect out in the countryside, but we've managed to keep them all outside as paying guests tend not to like sharing their bedrooms with our furry friends!


Deer are a mixed blessing, as it is always a spiritual experience seeing them on a misty morning, but they do enjoy wrecking the garden! We try to always have fish in the tarn, but we do find that Heron like a hearty breakfast and often swoop down to have their fill, so we can't guarantee they'll always be there!


We're always interested in what our guests hear or see out in the garden, so if you spot anything interesting let us know, or better still, see if you can get a photo!