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Garden Games | Lindeth Fell Country House Hotel


If the weather is fair and you're looking for a little in-house entertainment while enjoying the splendid views of Lake Windermere or the fell beyond, how about a game of Croquet?


This is actually a competitive sport, but we tend to play it only for recreational purposes. Derivatives of this game can be traced back to the 14th century, though it wasn't until November 1856 that the word 'croquet' was put to print. This was a set of rules registered by Isaac Spratt giving a description of the 'modern game'.


Croquet was particularly popular, that is, untill tennis came along and unsurped it, with many lawns being given over to tennis courts. It's very much a minority game, though was adopted by many colonial countries and the advanced 'Association Croquet' is still played professionally.


Give is a go, make up your own rules if you like, and have some fun!


We also have putting and bowling, as well as a small pitch and putt course to keep you entertained.